Office of the President

On August 19, 2019 Ioannis Miaoulis became the 11th President of ϲʿֱ. President Miaoulis brings a deep background in education and community engagement as the former President of the Boston Museum of Science and former Dean of the School of Engineering at Tufts University.

“Access to higher education is transformational because it opens doors that lead to better lives and career opportunities, and thus is vital to the health of our society.” 

- President Ioannis Miaoulis 

About President Miaoulis

President Miaoulis as a child in Greece


President Miaoulis shakes hands with honorary degree recipient Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott at commencement



President Miaoulis meets with campus leadership

Strategic Action Plan

We will ensure our students are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world. With our unique mix of liberal arts and professional programs, top-notch faculty and staff, the state’s only law school, and innovation hubs in Providence and Bristol, R.I., we are poised to align our efforts and provide what the world needs from a modern, comprehensive university. 

Joyce and Bill Cummings sit with President Miaoulis and his wife Heidi Maes in front of the Cummings School of Architecture sign

$20M Partnership

ϲʿֱ rededicated the architecture school as Cummings School of Architecture in recognition of a transformative partnership with the Cummings Foundation and new Real Estate program.

President Miaoulis visits ϲʿֱ Aquaculture with Senators Reed and Whitehouse

Innovating the Blue Economy

Our academic expertise in marine science, shellfish aquaculture, ports and shipping, marine trades and defense, and marine and coastal law helps make our communities, coastal economies, and the environment stronger and more resilient.


Season's Greetings 2022

President Miaoulis's annual holiday message to the ϲʿֱ community

Message to International Students

President Miaoulis welcomes prospective international students

Commencement 2023

President Miaoulis addresses the graduating class of 2023

Connect with President Miaoulis 

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